Mar 8, 2010

An amazing winter salad

After Catie posted Pea Shoot, Celeriac, Apple and Hazelnut salad on her wonderful blog A Fork, Knife and Spoon, I realized I need to start posting some salads myself. But I’m quite sure they won’t be as beautiful as this one. If you are in need of something refreshing to get your synapses firing on a dull winter day, this will do the trick. (I’m kicking myself for not buying the pea shoots I saw at the farmer’s market this weekend. This is definitely on my “must make” list for next week.)

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  • Wooo what a great combo! This is right up my alley, I love me a nice little pile of pretty green leaves.

  • I love celeriac, your salad is very impressive. I will definetely try this recipe!

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